2021 Virginia General Assembly Priorities

Legislation We Support

The Teen Caucus has voted to support a multitude of bills for the 2021 Virginia Legislative Session:

  1. Expunge past marijuana-related convictions.
  2. Reduce the number of Standards of Learning Assessments to the federal minimum.
  3. Abolish all sales on feminine hygiene products. 

2021 Initiated Bills

The Teen Caucus has initiated legislation in 2021 to:

  1. Allow students to take partial day excused absences to partake in civic or political engagements.
  2. Allow for voter pre-registration at age 16.

Constitutional Amendments

The Teen Caucus supports amending the Virginia Constitution to:

  1. Allow 16 year olds to vote in Virginia’s local elections.
  2. Remove the homophobic ban on same-sex marriage.
  3. Affirm personal reproductive liberty.