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Board of Officers

The Board of Officers governs the affairs of the Caucus between general membership meetings. The Board meets twice a month to stay up-to-date on what's happening and to conduct regular business.

The Caucus elects a Chair and Vice Chair annually at VAYD Convention. The positions of Programs Director, Communications Director, Political Director and Membership Director are all appointed by the Chair. Together, these officers make up the core of the Teen Caucus Board of Officers. Additionally, teen members of the VAYD Executive Committee and Virginia members of the HSDA National Committee are ex-officio Board members.

Board of Officers

Matthew Savage is Chairman of the Virginia Young Democrats Teen Caucus

Matthew Savage


Matthew Savage is a junior at Marshall High School in Fairfax County who has served as Chair of the Teen Caucus since his election in June.  Matthew is a parliamentary procedure buff and will gladly answer any questions you have about Robert’s Rules of Order.  As Chair, Matthew is a member of the Democratic Party of Virginia State Central Committee & 8th District Democratic Committee, where’s he’s proud to represent all Virginia teen Democrats.  Reach out to Matthew to send resolutions to the be considered by the Caucus or if you have any questions.

Matthew can be reached at teen_chair@vayd.org

Adrian Klaits

Vice Chair

This is Adrian Ali Klaits and he goes to Marshall High School in Fairfax County. In his free time, he likes to play baseball, listen to music, and learn languages. He’s passionate about tapping into teens’ potential by arming them with the resources they need to produce real change in Virginia.

Adrian can be reached at teen_vicechair@vayd.org

Adrian Klaits serves all Virginia teen Democrats as Virginia Young Democrats Teen Caucus Vice Chair

Mehreen Syed

Programs Director

My name is Mehreen Syed and I’m so excited to be your Programs Director for the VAYD Teen Caucus! I’m currently a junior at John R. Lewis High School in Springfield, VA, and an officer of several clubs within my school. I’m also the Vice Chair of the High School Democrats of America’s Muslim Caucus and the Co-Chair of High School Democrats of Springfield. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, binge-watching Netflix, trying out new foods, and reading.

As the Programs Director, I plan events and connect with different campaigns to provide members with the opportunity to get more involved. I believe teenagers have the ability to create change and make a crucial impact within our government.

Mehreen can be reached at teen_programs@vayd.org

Maddy Witaconis

Communications Director

I’m Maddy Witaconis, and I currently attend Monticello High School in Charlottesville as a junior. Working as an activist for my community is my number one priority, and I am so glad that I have opportunity to be the Communications Director for VAYD Teens. In my free time I love watching films, painting, listening to music, and exploring spirituality. Someday I hope to graduate with a degree in political science or journalism so that I can continue working to better our country for the rest of my life.

As Communications Director, I work on reaching out to our members, as well as taking the lead on our social media accounts. If you have any questions or comments regarding opportunities in our newsletter or our online presence, please feel free to contact me.

Maddy can be reached at teen_communications@vayd.org

Maddy Witaconis serves all Virginia teen Democrats as Virginia Young Democrats Teen Caucus Communications Director
Bailey Logan serves all Virginia teen Democrats as Virginia Young Democrats Teen Caucus Political Director.

Bailey Logan

Political Director

My name is Bailey Logan! I am the Political Director for the Teen Caucus of VAYD. I am 16 and a rising junior at Monticello High School in Charlottesville, Virginia. Some of my hobbies are reading, baking, hiking, writing, and making collages. I am passionate about VAYD because I think it is extremely important for youth to get involved in politics and make our voices head because the legislation passed and choices made will have a huge impact on our lives and futures.

As Political Director I track and advocate for bills of interest to the Teen Caucus at both a state and national level and I coordinate with Representatives and Senators about how to get these bills passed. I also help to organize any advocacy initiatives for bills of interest including letter writing campaigns and lobbying.

Bailey can be reached at teen_political@vayd.org

Saehee Perez

Membership Director

Saehee Perez is a sophomore at McLean High School in Fairfax County and serves as the membership director, where she guides high school Young Democrats clubs through the chartering process and helps strengthen the membership of existing chapters. She is a huge proponent of youth empowerment and civic engagement and aims to uplift others. Outside of VAYD, Saehee can be seen spending her time in her school’s Model UN and Mock Trial teams, learning languages, or volunteering on a campagin.

Saehee can be reached at teen_membership@vayd.org

Ex-Officio Board Members

Lauren Dunbar

VAYD Southeast Regional Caucus Chair

I am a senior at York High School and live in York County, Virginia. Additionally, I have been playing soccer since I was five, and I have been a Girl Scout since I was six. My favorite hobbies include writing short fiction and playing Sims. 

As someone who has been passionate about politics since middle school, I was drawn to VAYD because it is affiliated with the Democratic Party of Virginia, therefore being the most substantial medium of communication between young Democrats in Virginia and the policymakers of our state and nation.

As VAYD’s Southeast Regional Chair, I help charter new clubs in the southeast region, represent the southeast region on VAYD’s executive committee, and coordinate VAYD events taking place in the southeast region. My goal is to develop a greater VAYD presence in southeastern Virginia and facilitate political activism by young Democratic living in this region. 

Lauren can be reached at southeast_region@vayd.org

Hadrien Padilla

VAYD Southside Regional Caucus Chair

I’m Hadrien, I was born in France and after spending 4 years in Michigan moved back to France. I moved to Virginia 3 years ago and I’m currently a Senior at Western Albemarle High School. I love playing soccer and spending time with friends. I’m passionate about VAYD because I think empowering young people and making them realized their voice, opinion and actions can have an impact is vital. Donate to the teen caucus!!!

The Southside Region is mostly the 5th Congressional District. Reach out to me if you’re interested in starting a club!

Hadrien can be reached at southside_region@vayd.org

Nicholas Maggard

VAYD Southwest Regional Caucus Chair

Nicholas Maggard is the Southwest Regional Caucus Chair. He is a Junior at Abingdon High School in Abingdon, VA. Previously, he was a State VP for Virginia FBLA and the a State Board Member for Virginia HSDA, before it merged with VAYD’s Teen Caucus. He is a strong proponent of LGBTQIA+ rights as well as standing up for our minority groups here in Virginia. When he’s not studying or working on VAYD tasks, you can usually find him meditating or several hundred pages deep into a novel. 

The Southwest Regional Caucus Chair works with, and represents, the high school and collegiate chapters in Southwest Virginia, primarily Virginia’s 9th Congressional District.

Nicholas can be reached at southwest_region@vayd.org